3 Out-of-This-World Benefits of Outsourced IT

It takes a can-do attitude to run a small business, but as your company grows, you’ll realize that just because you can do things yourself, doesn’t mean you should.

A growing number of small business owners are discovering the benefits of outsourcing everything from one-off projects to entire departments. If you’re looking to join the outsourcing trend, IT is a great place to start. Read how outsourcing IT to eMazzanti can secure your company’s assets as well as its future.

  1. Save Money

Hiring a team of experts to manage your company’s IT sounds expensive, but it is actually quite economical.

Consider the expense of hiring just one full-time IT Manager. You pay to advertise an open position, experience a costly dip in productivity during the interview and on boarding phases, and must provide benefits and a competitive salary throughout the IT Manager’s tenure.

Why settle for 9 to 5 network monitoring when you can have 24/7 surveillance at a fraction of the cost? Outsource to eMazzanti and secure a team of IT experts for one flat subscription rate.

  1. Stay Current and Competitive

“Experts” being the operative word. eMazzanti’s techs are well-versed in today’s leading data security tactics and tools and we have the certifications to prove it. Offering regular software updates and experience-based advice, we place small business clients on an even playing field with large corporations that can afford to have these resources in-house.

Leave data security to the pros and focus full-time on developing your area of interest and expertise: your business.

  1. See the Unbiased Truth

Benefits-of-Outsourced-ITSad, but true: 43% of data lost is breached by the companies’ own staff. In a world where internal threats loom almost as large as external ones, you need surveillance that is always on your side—something that a full-time employee working closely with colleagues may not be capable of providing.

eMazzanti can be your watch dog. During each hour of our 24 hour network monitoring sessions, our loyalties rest with you. You see Frank, from sales, who brings doughnuts to the office every Friday. We see an end user. If we detect suspicious activity, you’re notified.

Expert-level maintenance. Nonstop monitoring. Unbiased reporting. These are just a few of the remote managed services eMazzanti provides. You may not see us at the water cooler, but we are inside of your business, updating software and securing data to keep you in sync with your biggest competitors, at minimal cost.

Reach out to eMazzanti about outsourcing IT. We have everything your small business needs to make it big.

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