Opportunities for Business Growth Enhanced by eMazzanti’s Expanded Cloud Services

Growth Enablers

As a modern business grows, so does its need for cloud computing services. In a rapidly changing competitive environment, today’s businesses are looking for anywhere, anytime access to applications and nimbler operations by moving IT resources to the cloud.

In spite of widespread cloud adoption, many businesses may not be fully aware of how cloud computing can accelerate their growth. Cloud growth enablers include:

  • Remote, anywhere access
  • Rapid scalability
  • Pay as you go pricing
  • The ability to offer new products and services on the cloud

Other reported benefits include reduced capital expenditures, less dependence on company IT resources, and access to enterprise grade software for low monthly fees. Cloud computing also has the significant effect of leveling the playing field for large and small enterprises.

The Cloud Paradigm Shift

“The cloud is now powerful and fast enough that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift,” states Mark Clawson, Cloud Services Manager, eMazzanti Technologies, Seattle. “It’s leading us to a world of desktop dumb terminals that access all of the computing power and data storage in the cloud this time around rather than on a mainframe.”

Microsoft and other major players are betting on the shift. They have gone all in, setting up data centers, networks and management frameworks to provide cloud computing on a massive commercial scale to businesses of all sizes. The transformational power of the cloud is substantiated by this investment in cloud resources and the popularity of cloud services.

According to The SMB Group, 92% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) use at least one cloud business solution and 87% use at least one cloud infrastructure solution.1 The SMB Group also reports that in 2015, cloud solutions were poised for hockey stick growth as more decision-makers turn to a cloud-first approach.

eMazzanti Cloud Services Expansion

In a strategic move to address the cloud computing needs of growing customers, eMazzanti Technologies has significantly expanded its cloud services offerings to include infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and support for SMB and enterprise customers through an MSP model.

eMazzanti Azure CloudThe new cloud offerings expand the size of eMazzanti’s market and grow the company’s on premise, hybrid and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offerings. Based on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, the computing resources now available from eMazzanti are virtually unlimited. Management and technical expertise has been added at eMazzanti’s new Seattle office to deliver services efficiently.

The new services are a good fit for the company’s customers, providing extended capabilities, agility and increased efficiency. Primary targeted industries include retail, media companies, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and distribution and web development.

Cloud Services Benefits

  • Organizations can implement new revenue enhancing IT initiatives without doing a capital project at same time.
  • Customers only pay for computing resources when the machines are running, as in a temporary development environment.
  • With truly scalable IT resources, organizations can start small, even underestimate the resources they will need.
  • Resizing the environment is easy, taking about 30 minutes to upgrade machines with additional resources.
  • Everything runs faster on high-performance cloud resources.

As part of the expansion, eMazzanti is working with strategic partners to provide cloud hosting services to their customers, including Microsoft Dynamics (Great Plains) Software users. By expanding to the West Coast, eMazzanti has ensured close collaboration with partners located there.

Getting from A to B

A variety of circumstances, problems and opportunities may put organizations in a position to take advantage of eMazzanti’s cloud services.

  • Cloud servicesLeadership sees growth opportunities in new products and services that can be offered on the cloud.

  • Management identifies opportunities to reduce costs or increase efficiency.
  • IT staff turnover makes IT management and keeping up with technology difficult.
  • Organizations want to hand off upgrades and security updates to professionals, improving performance and security.
  • Companies want to focus more of their time on what they do best.

In addition to offering expanded cloud services, eMazzanti will also provide a number of options to meet the needs of organizations with unique IT challenges:

  • Using the Microsoft Azure Stack, larger organizations can operate a private cloud using the same cloud management tools at their own datacenter.
  • Internet of Things (IOT) platforms, analytics and machine learning capabilities can be deployed to meet the needs of businesses faced with exponential data growth.
  • SQL datalinks can provide the capability to search very large sets of data, in the range of petabytes (1 million gigabytes).

eMazzanti will continue to provide business consulting services to understand the organization’s business needs, design a revenue-enhancing IT strategy and paint the picture of how to get from point A to point B. As a trusted advisor, eMazzanti becomes a partner in success as the business grows.

Built on Microsoft Resources

eMazzanti’s cloud services combine the unlimited computing power and storage of Microsoft Azure with eMazzanti’s eCare managed services and business IT consulting for a complete cloud solution. Microsoft’s commitment to Azure is impressive, with 24 data regions anchored by large data centers.

For customers wanting to access IT resources on the cloud, eMazzanti employs powerful Microsoft Azure app fabric tools to manage and deliver resources from the Microsoft data centers. Cloud deployment options include on-premises cloud, hybrid cloud, and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

“One of the primary benefits is that eMazzanti can deploy infrastructure in hours instead of months. Hardware is now software,” explained Clawson. “The cloud resource flexibility that customers enjoy is truly remarkable.”

MSP helpdesk services are also provided as a component of eMazzanti’s IaaS with eCare services. 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance provide the responsiveness and service levels eMazzanti’s customers have come to expect.

Why eMazzanti Cloud Services?

Cloud Services


Based on Microsoft Azure technology, eMazzanti’s cloud services provide the highest level of cloud security available. Microsoft employs data security transparency, penetration testing and elaborate measures to make users’ cloud data super-secure.

eMazzanti is one of the first companies invited to participate in the Azure Mentor Program (AMP), joining in September, 2015. The exclusive Microsoft program provides presale and technical support, access to the right people and relationships with key support personnel.

The AMP enables eMazzanti to provide higher level services to customers and a competitive advantage in the cloud space. In connection with the AMP, eMazzanti has earned the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency.

Enterprise customers can be confident in eMazzanti’s track record with cloud customers and secure, high-performance cloud services built with Microsoft Azure resources, often through their existing software partners. Organizations of all sizes consider eMazzanti a capable, trusted partner to evaluate, deploy and manage growth enabling cloud computing initiatives.

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