15 Years of Growth with No Increases in MSP Rates

eMazzanti Technologies celebrates 15th anniversary, marking consistent double-digit growth and customer success at 2001 MSP rates

Hoboken, NJ ­- (Cision) September 2, 2016 – A NYC area IT consultant and Managed Services Provider (MSP), today announced its 15-year anniversary. The milestone was reached this month with no increases in MSP rates since the company’s founding in 2001, a remarkable achievement.

Hoboken, NJ-based eMazzanti Technologies has enjoyed consistent double-digit growth and successful, long-term customer relationships for a decade and a half. And, the company has implemented no increases in the basic fees that it charges customers for managed IT services.

To celebrate the milestone, the company is planning a 15th Anniversary Spectacular for customers, employees and vendors at a trendy Manhattan rooftop on Thursday September 15, 2016, from 6:30 – 10 PM. The invitation only event will provide participants with the opportunity to share 15 years of mutual growth.

Productivity Improvements Keep MSP Rates Low

Founded two weeks before 9/11, eMazzanti Technologies built its success on helping other businesses survive and thrive through disasters and economic downturns. An aggressive partnership with Microsoft and an early adopter technology strategy have yielded consistent productivity improvements, keeping the company profitable in spite of increasing costs.

“We show our customers how to grow their business and improve productivity with technology,” stated Carl Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “From the beginning, we have applied those same principles to achieve efficiencies at eMazzanti that allow us to keep rates low.”

Long-term gains in productivity have also accrued to eMazzanti and its customers from the pro-active adoption of an all-Microsoft technology stack. The practice of rapidly updating those systems to the latest Microsoft software versions improves security and puts new productivity enhancing features in the hands of users sooner.

Award-Winning Growth

Remarkably, the company has achieved double-digit growth in each of the 15 years since its founding. A three-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner, eMazzanti Technologies was just named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for the seventh consecutive year, a noteworthy feat in itself.

Numerous other awards recognize eMazzanti as one of the world’s top MSPs and a top U.S. Microsoft Partner. Hence, those awards and  others naming Carl Mazzanti as a visionary technology leader, evidence the company’s consistent excellence over the years.

eMazzanti’s customers have grown alongside the Hoboken technology company, sometimes outpacing them. Before maturing into international retail powerhouses and household names, two growing retail chains relied on IT services from eMazzanti to support expanding operations. Building on those successes, eMazzanti has developed a focus on retail technology, as well as professional services and other industries.

Partners in Success

Low employee turnover also helps eMazzanti keep MSP rates down. Furthermore, the company provides continuous education opportunities for engineers and staff, increasing job satisfaction and loyalty. Strategically seeking long-term, customer relationships, eMazzanti maintains customer retention and satisfaction rates in the mid-90s.

eMazzanti’s leadership is active in the community, with close ties to local chamber of commerce organizations and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). A senior company executive serves on the NJIT board of directors. And, several employees have ties to the public research university.

Looking ahead, eMazzanti Technologies, CEO, Carl Mazzanti, says that he expects the next 15 years to be better than the first. He sees exciting new cloud, network, security and retail technology solutions improving revenue growth and productivity for thousands of customers/partners far into the future.

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